Picture this – it was a chilly winter morning in Flowing Wells, AZ. The grandeur of Mount Lemmon blanketed in snow was mesmerizing, but not so much the frosty air invading homes due to malfunctioning heating systems. But here, within our community’s residences and workplaces, you could find the knights in shining armor from Temperature Control, Inc. hard at work.

A warm abode on a freezing day or a cool interior amidst the scorching summer are more than just comfort – they are essential living conditions. Realizing the importance of this, the diligent team performed furnace repairs in Flowing Wells and Amphi, heating system installations in Casas Adobes, and air conditioning repairs in Catalina Foothills.

Similarly, the satisfaction derived from providing reliable plumbing maintenance in Tucson and Oro Valley is indescribable. The honest appreciation in the eyes of our clients rest assured that every leak plugged, every drain unclogged and every hot water system repaired contributes significantly to their day-to-day lives.

At Temperature Control, Inc., we don’t consider it merely a service. We consider it our commitment – a commitment to ensure our community is comfortable, safe, and secure, no matter what the weather outside is.