Nestled in the heart of modernization, Linked Equipment is paving the way in pioneering diverse, innovative solutions for businesses globally. We specialize in developing smart and practical Modular Restroom Solutions as well as ultra-efficient Shipping Container Kitchens.

Drawing upon our expert design and engineering team, Linked Equipment has masterfully innovated bespoke modular solutions tailored to each unique project need. Perfecting the art of architecture, assembly, and customization, we have transitioned, redesigned, and redefined the basic principles of structure.

Our Modular Restroom Solutions, for instance, have transformed spaces into efficient settings, ensuring your team has comfortable facilities without compromising your site layout. Our Shipping Container Kitchens, are kitted out with world-class cooking facilities, seamlessly integrated within a robust and compact container design.

We value quality, efficiency and elevated customer experience. Our commitment has always been to dispel conventional boundaries and usher in unexplored realms of possibilities. In doing so, we effortlessly intertwine innovation with practicality, bridging the gap in the modular solutions industry.

At Linked Equipment, we don’t just create spaces. We break boundaries and link you to the future of modular convenience.